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Authenticamente Centro America

Tienda Centro America offers you that taste of Central America you’ve been craving. Our restaurant and international market is home to a huge selection of ethnic foods from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. We have all your favorites and items you can’t find anywhere else in San Antonio, TX. 

Tienda Centro America offers more than your average Mexican food choices. Our items reflect the culture and cuisine of the Guatemalan, El Salvadorian, and Honduran people. These dishes are inspired by Spanish and Mayan cuisine, both major influences on the food of Central America. Try our delicious corn dishes, which are popular in Guatemala and El Salvador. If you prefer your food with a little spice, try Honduran dishes featuring Mayan influences. 

International Market 

Stop in and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Tienda Centro America. In addition to our great food, you can enjoy live music while you eat. Our international market also allows you to shop for exclusive products from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Try new foods and delicacies you can’t find anywhere else but in Central America. 

For great food, refreshing drinks, handcrafted collectibles, and more, visit Tienda Centro America in San Antonio, TX. We have the items that will remind you of Central America. Peruse our huge menu for delicious food items you’ll love, or leave our market with international products and gifts that will make a great addition to your home collection. Visit us today for a little taste of Central America! 
Authentic Latin American Restaurant And An International Market.

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